Handmade Fishing Rods

Contact Pops Custom Fishing Rods in Sevier County, Tennessee or Ballinger, Texas for handmade fishing rods. Each client is always served honestly, respectfully, and fairly.

Our Mission

Our goal is to build the best custom rods that allow fishers to catch specific types of fish with optimal results.

Rex Mason: Top-Caliber Custom Rod Maker

Our company’s owner, Rex Mason, is a master craftsman who began making rods and repairing reels in 1964. He started out by helping a friend install ball bearings in Ambassadeur 5000 level wind reels. Later on, he bought a rod kit from Herter's and purchased an Ambassadeur 5000 reel which he used to hone his craft further.

In the succeeding years, Rex built numerous rods from kits and components with increasing expertise. In the spring of 2011, Rex embarked on a rod building project for a fishing guide in East Texas which eventually led to his forming our company.

Local Cleaning and Repairs

Later on, our company decided to focus more on creating handmade rods done to the exact specifications of a variety of customers and push reel cleaning and repair to the back of the shelf. Companies specializing in reel cleaning repair can serve clients at a lesser cost and quicker than we could.

In response to local fishers’ needs, however, we still accept reel cleaning and repair service requests. We do so only for customers willing to deliver and pick up their gear from our shops in Kodak, Tennessee or Ballinger, Texas.

Consider Practical Options

If you are from a remote location and you need to ship fishing rods for cleaning or repairs, please get in touch with us before doing so. Having your best interests in mind, we sometimes recommend contacting other service providers near you. This makes the process easier and more convenient for you.

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