Custom Freshwater Fishing and Inshore Rods

We make casting, spinning, and fly rods.

While Pops Custom Fishing Rods in Kodak specializes in building rods for freshwater fishing, we also make inshore rods.

Each rod includes a minimum of six different major components with 6 to 80 options for each component. This offers a large number of customization alternatives. Get in touch with us by phone or via email to tell us about your needs as a fisher.

How We Do It

We make it a point to determine your exact specifications before we begin to make a fishing rod for you. If you're unsure, we can provide recommendations on what we think will best suit your needs. Whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned tournament angler, feel confident that we can make the appropriate rod for you.

Turnaround Time and Deposit

Before we order the materials to build YOUR custom rod, we require a 50% deposit to cover a portion of the component cost. Expect the rod you ordered to be made available to you normally within four weeks. However, extra thread art or other customization can extend the delivery time.

Basic Inclusions

Each handmade fishing rod comes with:

  • Fisher’s Name Graphic
  • Guide Wrapping Color of Your Choice
  • Rear Grip Marbleizing on Split Grip Rods*
  • Marbleizing Between Foregrip and First Guide or Three Bands of Spiral Wrap Thread Art*
  • Rod Specifications Guide Decal
  • Pops Custom Fishing Rods Decal

*Custom marbleizing or wrap may take up to four additional weeks to complete..

The specifications guide decal will bear information about the rod blank manufacturer, rod length, line size range, and bait size range. Your full name will be emblazoned in large letters and set against a suitable background. Typography designs will be discussed with you before we start work on the name graphic.

My Product

US Flag and Service Decals

We are proud to serve US service personnel in a small way. If you are with the military (currently or formerly) we can embellish your rod with a hand-wrapped thread art of the US flag (or flag decal) and a service decal at no extra charge. This offer also applies to service academy students.

Team Customization

We wrap rods in school or team colors with highlight bands to match as part of the base price. There are many college team decals available. Additional charges apply when you request one of these decals.

Repair Services

Have your fishing rods repaired at fair prices. Whether it’s a family heirloom rod passed down to you by a beloved ancestor, or a nostalgia piece of great sentimental value to you, we can usually get it back in shape.

Pre-Repair Considerations

Rebuilding rods or replacing components takes more time than installing items on new rods. It is not always possible for us to match thread colors or paint striping patterns on factory rods.

Please refrain from shipping any rod without discussing rebuild or repair service rates with us first. Send us a photo of the components that need to be repaired so that we may properly assess and provide an accurate price quote before accepting your service request.

Replacement Rates and Repair Particulars

Rod shipping rates, normally $12-$25 each way, can make it impractical to have a rod repaired. Adding the cost of materials and labor to shipping, the total cost of replacing one rod guide or tip can easily exceed $60.

We Don’t Cut Corners

Making repairs requires a high degree of expertise. This is the reason why we do not compromise on quality. We also believe that doing it right the first time spells efficiency and produces better results. Pops Custom Fishing Rods does repairs on the following rod types:

  • Boron

  • Fiberglass

  • Graphite

An Amazing Gift

Make loved ones or friends happy with a gift sure to remind them of you each time they go fishing. We can fashion a quality rod from a factory-colored blank with wrapping and bling to suit your taste.

High-quality blanks in solid or two-color varieties are available from our suppliers. Rod blanks painted in 3 colors are available in red, white, and blue. Choose between flashy rods or subtle ones.

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